Old Mill New Forest: 5 Obscure Places to Add to Your To-Do List in Hampshire

Old Mill New Forest: 5 Obscure Places to Add to Your To-Do List in Hampshire

Did you know that Hampshire is the largest county in South East England and the third largest shire county in the United Kingdom?

This indicates that Hampshire has a lot to offer. You will be amazed by the beauty this country offers. Hampshire has everything from the stunning coastline and beautiful countryside to the numerous intriguing attractions of Portsmouth, the New Forest, and Winchester.

Old Mill Inn, New Forest

Hampshire is a tourist's fantasy. What, if I share that there is a fantastic destination to make your stay memorable, complete with the best services and breathtaking views?

Step into a world where every sip tells a story, and every bite is a burst of culinary delight. Welcome to Old Mill at New Forest, your go-to destination for a fusion of fantastic flavours and a vibrant atmosphere.

Old Mill Pub

Don't visit, Discover: Due to its ideal location, you can't only discover the gorgeous South coast but also the Hampshire countryside. This pub is positioned on the eastern edge of the New Forest, not far from the Lymington which allows you to have mesmerising sunsets and unlimited access to shopping points.

Scenic culinary treats with the perfect ambience: The pub's charm is due to its enhanced decoration with wooden support, pitched roofs and cracking fireplace that creates a rustic but modern ambience. It's a place where visitors relax and enjoy the welcoming services provided by the pub.

Coming down to its menu, you can enjoy one of the perfect British pub experiences with its fresh locally produced seasonings. The menu often includes a variety of British classics, ranging from exquisite roasts and fish and chips to delicious desserts bursting with local flavours. Also, have a side menu for your children so you don't have to worry about it.

You know that food is incomplete without drinks. The pub also offers a beverage menu to enjoy freshly roasted coffee, locally made beers and brews, carefully selected wines, spirits, and cocktails.

Feel at home: Enjoy comfortable nights at the Old Mill Pub, which has 12 lovely rooms with picturesque views. Provides you with cosy accommodations that are all distinct and arranged in a stylish style to provide you with homely emotions and a unique pub experience.

Enjoy with your paw-fect partner in crime: Do you have a special bond with your pet and don't want to leave him with your neighbours? Perfect, the Old Mill Inn has you covered there as well. Because it is dog-friendly, you can now enjoy a walk with your dog and bring him along for unforgettable vacations. Besides that, you can go hiking or cycling. Doesn't it sound just right?

Put New Forest On Your Bucket List

The New Forest, Hampshire, with its timeless elegance and well-known attractions, conceals a hidden world of lesser-known locations just waiting to be discovered. Let's take a journey through five captivating places to visit in Hampshire.

  • Bolderwood Deer Sanctuary: Appreciating Nature's Beauty
    If you are an animal lover, especially deer then Bolderwood Deer Sanctuary is a great place to visit. The serene Bolderwood Deer Sanctuary is situated among the green woodlands of the New Forest. Nature lovers can have an intimate interaction with nature's grace. Besides an excellent place for photography, there are also information panels where you can learn more about the deer that live in the New Forest.
  • Rockbourne Roman Villa: A Look Back in Time
    History freaks would not miss this ancient Roman villa which will take you back in historical times. This less-explored historical site reveals the remains of a Roman palace dating back centuries. Beautiful mosaic floors, evidence of Roman structures, and a museum displaying antiques provide a glimpse into the lives of ancient people. Wander among the well-preserved ruins, imagining life in Roman times in the calm countryside.
  • The New Forest Lavender Farm: A Scent Opera
    The love for lavenders can never fade away. Enjoy yourself in a fragrant heaven at the New Forest Lavender Farm. You see the beautiful landscape of blooming lavenders in rows and their magnificent scent attracts the senses. Visitors can tour the farm, learn about lavender growing, and enjoy the relaxing serenity of the purple-hued vistas—a fantastic place to relax and reconnect with nature's glory.
  • The Keyhaven Marshes: A Coastal Paradise
    Admire the splendour of the Keyhaven wetlands, which span about 740 hectares between the Lymington River and the Keyhaven village. This location is world-renowned for its abundance of fish, which attracts hundreds of seagulls.
  • A Taste of History in the Old Station Tea Rooms
    This place is truly a hidden gem situated within the beauty of the Old Mill region, standing as an example of vintage attractiveness and hospitality. This location has an irresistible appeal that pulls tourists in to enjoy delicious cream teas, handcrafted pastries, and locally produced treats. Tourists can indulge in the timeless fascination of the past as they calm down in the cosy setting, enjoying the flavours of Hampshire while surrounded by earthy beauty.

  • Conclusion

    Finally, I'd like to invite all nature enthusiasts who want to spend time in the ultimate lush greenery and embark on historic adventures. Whilst staying at the Old Mill Inn on Silver Street Hordle in Hampshire, exploring these off-the-beaten-path spots in Hampshire's Old Mill New Forest will provide you with a better understanding of the area's history, wildlife, and culture.

    On a beautiful riverside, 3 miles from Lymington in the New Forest, our establishment is more than just a place to eat and drink—it's a hub of community, where friends gather, and memories are made. As you cross our threshold, you're not just entering a pub or restaurant; you're stepping into an experience crafted with passion, from the decor to the menu. Visit the Old Mill Pub to make your stay truly unforgettable.

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